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About Us

Welcome to One Solutions

We are an innovative fintech company driven by a mission to assist individuals facing financial distress in breaking free from their debt traps. In India, defaulting on loan repayments often leads to distressing encounters with recovery agents, despite several Supreme Court judgments against such aggressive tactics.

While debt settlement is a common practice in developed economies like the USA and Europe, it is not widely implemented in India. Additionally, there is a lack of support for consumers who find themselves unable to repay their loans due to circumstances beyond their control, such as job losses or medical emergencies.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted in increased job losses and pay cuts, pursuing debt settlement options has become even more crucial.

With One Solutions, you can trust that you are in capable hands as we work tirelessly to help you find viable debt settlement options tailored to your specific circumstances.


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What impressed me the most was the seamless and streamlined loan application process. Your staff members were attentive and responsive to my inquiries, providing prompt assistance whenever I required clarification or had concerns. They exhibited exceptional customer service skills and made the entire experience stress-free and convenient.

Moreover, I appreciate the competitive interest rate and flexible repayment options that your loan service offered. The terms were reasonable and tailored to suit my financial capabilities, which made it easier for me to manage the loan without compromising my financial stability.

I would also like to acknowledge the efficient processing of my loan application. Your team worked diligently to ensure a swift approval, allowing me to meet my financial obligations promptly. The transparency in documentation and the integrity demonstrated by your organization instilled trust and confidence in me throughout the process.

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Our Team

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we wouldn’t be where we are if not for our awesome team and the amazing people we work with. We’re a bunch of people with our efforts focused on only one thing: being the best at what we do and nothing less.

At One Solution, change is the only constant, because we’re always looking for the most efficient and customer-centric way of doing everything. We’re continuously evaluating our work, and therefore the environment at One Solution is dynamic, with tremendous opportunities to learn and grow.

We believe in offering a cross- functional learning experience where you aren’t defined by your department or function. This way, we want to enable our employees to achieve their goals and bring their best to the table in whatever they do.

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